Smart In-app Video Advertising

What we do

Delivering relevant mobile video ads to the right users at the right moment inside the games and apps they love.

Video Pre-load

Vidcoin’s adserving platform pre-loads targeted video ads inside the app

Call to Action

If a video ad is available users see an invitation to watch the video in exchange for in-app content

Watch the Video

The HD QUALITY video launches instantaneously

Direct Response Landing

Once the video is complete the user is brougth to a customisable landing where redirect links open directly inside the player

Clear Interface

Once the player completes the view there is a clear indication of the content that has been unlocked


Target your audience

Target your audience

VIDCOIN offers a range of targeting capabilities from age, gender and geography to deeper behavioural characteristics.

Keep your users happy

Keep them happy

Opt-in video with sponsored in-app content makes it easy to create a positive user experience increasing purchase intent

Deliver your message

Deliver your message

VIDCOIN's HD quality video ads launch instantaneously to create the most engaging mobile experience

Acquire qualified leads

Acquire qualified leads

Our customizable landing pages can include a number of Direct Response tools including in-app purchase and lead generation


Smart in app pre-loading

Specialised Video Format

Optimised for sponsored content with smart video pre-loading.

App monetisation

High-yield App Monetization

Best-in-class revenue sharing and global coverage (US, Europe, LATAM)

Great user experience

Great User Experience

Clean opt-in format and instantaneous video launch

Simple integration

Developer Friendly SDK

Light and stable with clear documentation and simple integration

We are hiring!

If you’re passionate about the future of mobile and digital media and

have the drive to be part of a fast growing international team, we would love to hear from you!

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